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  • A Shot in the Dark (March 15, 2005), Topic: Problems in the durability of protection produced by chickenpox vaccine and their economic and medical implications.
  • Blame Canada (May 10, 2005), Topic: Issues in drug regulation by a national agency examining a medication for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • The Doctor is In (June 3, 2005), Topics: Statin benefits and risks; mortality and body mass index; Mexican counterfeit drugs; teen judgment about sexual risks; cost-benefit analysis of meningococcal vaccines; honey and burn treatment.
  • Your Health This Month (July 1, 2005). Topics: History of thimerosal in vaccines; safety of dental amalgam; immunological tolerance to insulin-producing cells; avian influenza chemoprophylaxis; episiotomy; use of old medical methods.
  • Your Health This Month (July 29, 2005), Topics: Travel immunizations; computerized medical records; cost-effectiveness of soap distribution; breast-feeding and myopia.
  • Your Health This Month (September 2, 2005), Topics: Step cell developments, cryptosporidium and lymphocytic choriomeningitis; quantifying illicit drug use by water analysis; reversal of Canadian ban on ADHD drug; rabies risk in travel; avian influenza research.
  • Sick City (September 6, 2005), Topic: Expected medical problems in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
  • Your Health This Month (October 3, 2005), Topics: Additional benefits of statins; influenza vaccine and the elderly; new drug delivery systems for insulin; medical problems in Louisiana; unusual bubonic plague episode.
  • Your Health This Month (November 1, 2005), Topics: Toilet training observations and advice; the natural history and treatment of pediculosis; developing world interventions to prevent aflatoxin poisoning; genetic reassortment in influenza; antibacterial soap and antibiotic resistance.
  • Your Health This Month (December 1, 2005), Topics: Severe peanut allergies; the ecology of dust mites; breast feeding and maternal diabetes; an industrial accident in China.
  • Your Health This Month (January 2, 2006), Topics: Pacifiers and SIDS; human papilloma varus vaccine; new medical treatment for renal stones; acid blockers and Clostridium difficile infections.
  • Your Health This Month (January 31, 2006), Topics: Side effects of orlistat; bubble baths and urinary tract infections; research on cough medicine effectiveness; and influenza epidemic resulting from a laboratory accident.
  • Should you Stop Taking Calcium? (February 1, 2006), Topic: Studies on the efficacy of calcium supplementation.
  • Your Health This Month (February 28, 2006), Topics: Low-fat diets and cancer prevention; chills and upper respiratory infections; parasite treatments to redirect the immune response; nutritional supplements and benign prostatic hypertrophy treatment.
  • Tales from the Nursery (March 27, 2006), Topic: Immunobiology of human lactation.
  • Your Health This Month (April 4, 2006), Topics: Antibiotics and asthma; maternal choice and caesarian deliveries; avian influenza vaccine problems; malaria medications and travel.
  • Deprive Yourself (April 6, 2996), Topic: Calorie deprivation and longevity.
  • All Smoke (April 24, 2006), Topic: Politics and science in an FDA statement about medical marijuana.
  • Your Health This Month (May 2, 2006), Topics: Wireless capsule endoscopy; breast cancer risk and hormone replacement therapy; antibiotics and rhinosinusitis; music as analgesia.
  • Jolly Rogers (May 15, 2006), Topic: Health quality and the social gradient in the US and England.
  • The Vioxx War (May 23, 2006), Topic: Journalistic conflicts in reporting about medication problems.
  • Your Health This Month (June 6, 2006), Topics: Summer hazards; gene polymorphisms and sexual desire; the politics of federal care recommendations for women; the reliability of sponsored medication studies; the putative risk of excess tomalley consumption.
  • Why we’re fatter (July 13, 2006), Topic: Multiple factors contribution to the epidemic of obesity.
  • Your Health This Month (July 25, 2006), Topics: Coffee and a reduced risk for diabetes; anemia prevention in developing world obstetrical care; evaluation of acupuncture; lightning risks and cell phones; cardiovascular risk and depression.
  • Your Health This Month (September 4, 2006), Topics: Potential problems with soy-based foods; postpartum depression in fathers; new treatments for recurrent urinary tract infections; problems with metered dose inhalers.
  • Killer T-Cells (September 11, 2006), Topic: Autologous T-cells to treat cancer.
  • Your Health This Month (October 6, 2006), Topics: Competing risks in daily aspirin use; cardiomyopathy in young athletes; beef production practices and enteropathic E. Coli.
  • Your Health This Month (October 31, 2006), Topics: Spiral CT scans for lung cancer detection; misoprostol to prevent post partum hemorrhage; tooth-whiteners; after-hour physician calls; diminishing immunization pain for children.
  • Your Health This Month (December 5, 2006), Topics: Blocking breast cancer development; resveratrol and life span extension; melanoma in long-distance runners; Fifth Disease and anemia in the developing world.
  • The Skinny on Kids’ Diets (December 19, 2006), Topic: The Clara Davis research on food self-selection by children.
  • Your Health This Month (January 9, 2007), Topics: Prion protein-free cattle; adjuvants for influenza vaccine; intestinal bacteria and weight gain; treatment of hand dystonia.
  • Cure for Colic? (January 30, 2007), Topic: Probiotics and colic treatment.
  • Your Health This Month (February 13, 2007), Topics: The social psychology of intimacy; HIV virus transmission barriers; immunotherapy and seasonal allergies; fetal DNA analysis; food odor and longevity.
  • Your Health This Month (February 27, 2007), Topics: Treatment to prevent myopia progression; hormone replacement therapy; genetics of autism.
  • Your Health This Month (March 13, 2007), Topics: Excess weight and puberty onset; risks of cold medicines; complications in cancer survivors.
  • Elizabeth Edwards’ Cancer (March 23, 2007), Topic: Biology of metastatic breast cancer.
  • Your Health This Month (April 3, 2007), Topics: Circadian rhythm effects in rheumatoid arthritis, CLOCK gene disruption and behavior; propellant in metered dose inhalers; potential dangers in diarrhea treatment.
  • Your Health This Month (February 27, 2007), Topics: Gene variants and obesity; politics of medication decisions; chloramines, swimming pools, and asthma.
  • Your Health This Week (May 3, 2007), Topics: Breast feeding and obesity; menstruation and endometrial cancer; averting schizophrenia.
  • Your Health This Week (May 22, 2007), Topics: Radioimmunotherapy treatment for cancer; annual bisphosphonate treatment for postmenopausal osteoporosis.
  • The Get-Out-of-Bed-Free Card (May 25, 2007), Topics: Sleep problems in children – effects on parents; managing the problem.
  • Your Health This Week (June 5, 2007), Topics: Travel and epidemics; food fortification to prevent stroke; coffee and gout.
  • Beware of Diet (July 4, 2007), Topic: The long term failure of dieting.
  • Your Health This Week (July 10, 2007), Topics: Swedish snuff and tobacco harm reduction; malnutrition and immune deficiency; stress incontinence treatment.
  • Family (March 17, 2014), “I’m a Pediatrician. Should I Treat All Kids, or Just the Vaccinated Ones?”

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