What we do best

Neonate & infant care

The care we offer for newborns, infants, and toddlers often begins even before they are born — we like to have a prenatal meeting with families well before the new baby arrives. It gives us a chance to meet parents and answer questions about what to expect when the baby comes; to provide practical information about baby care, medical problems, and family issues related to the new arrival; and to tell you something about our values, our style, and our philosophy of care. Perhaps more important, these visits give families a chance to meet us and to get a sense of who we are. Naturally, we don't charge for these prenatal visits.


We are as interested in the developmental, psychological, and social circumstances of our patients as in the purely "medical" aspects of their lives. In fact, we don't believe that the medical and the psychosocial can even be separated. We really see ourselves in a partnership with families. To a large degree we see our goal as an educational one: for many issues that don't require purely medical expertise, we want to help parents learn to take care of their kids themselves and — even more important — to help their children gain the skills to take care of themselves, since that is what they will need to do as they develop into adults.

Teens & young adults

We particularly enjoy seeing teens and young adults and helping them with the special medical problems and other needs of that age group. We like to help them as they move toward autonomy and toward independent adulthood. We understand that this is both a rich and stressful time of life and we make ourselves available to talk directly with the young people, providing advice and guidance as they work through the problems — including academic, developmental, and social — often encountered at that time of life.

Plan a visit

Honestly, there a fair number of pediatricians in southern Connecticut and most of them are very good. So the real issue in obtaining quality care for your children is to find a doctor whose values and style you like. That's why we encourage parents to meet a variety of pediatricians to find the best one for your family. we look forward to the opportunity to meet your family.



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